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Donna & Trev are really pleased to announce that they are taking part in Shitbox Rally 2020!! Along with 249 teams they will be driving their shitboxes ( cars worth NO MORE than $1000) from Alice Springs to Gold Coast via the Gulf of Carpentaria.

"This is our second rally having been lucky enough to participate in the 10 year anniversary Rally Perth - Sydney Via Uluru 2019. The Rally really IS the hardest thing we have ever done , but its an addiction really, challenging yourself to the very limit, having never camped or driven on unsealed roads, yet being a part of a community raising much needed money for Cancer research. Last year my Mum was involved in a research treatment , and it paid off , ...so I know first hand that this fundraising works. We NEED it! We NEED to beat this awful disease that has taken so many of our loved ones away from us "

Shitbox Rally is the largest community lead fundraiser for the Cancer Council in Australia and is now in its 11th year. Part of the participation is that all teams have to raise a minimum of $5,000 but most teams raise well above this amount as you can see with the 2020 Autumn rally target set at $2,000,000 plus.

These funds go to the Cancer Council and we are extremely proud to be doing our part to support such a worthy charity. The fundraising is the hard part, so any donation you can give is greatly appreciated. Please make sure to follow our progress via this page and the blog post below.

We thank you for all your support throughout our fundraising and the rally itself , without YOU we couldn't make it happen.

Donna & Trev xxx

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Shitbox Rally is the adventure of a lifetime challenging participants and their cars, worth no more than $1,000, on a 7 day drive across Australia to raise money for cancer research.

The rally is not a race – it’s a fun, colourful, unpredictable adventure with participants travelling at their own pace in smaller groups. Vehicles often break down but “we never leave anyone behind” and each night is spent camping beneath the stars and celebrating the day’s achievements. It all adds up to an incredible opportunity to see Australia’s vast and beautiful countryside and make lifelong friends, many brought together after experiencing cancer themselves or seeing cancer impact family and friends.

Since it’s inception the rally has been the largest fundraiser for the Cancer Council nationally.

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raised: $215,170
target: $2,000,000
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2 months ago
Capital Transport gave $50.00.
2 months ago
Thanks so much Mark for your support Trev and Donna
1 month ago
Michael Milligan gave $50.00.
Love you both
1 month ago
Natasha Carolan gave $10.00.
$2 daffodils from our family of 5 💛
1 month ago
Gail Hillier gave $50.00.
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The Impact, Outcomes & Charity

Shitbox Rally is a dedicated fundraising event for cancer research with funds going to Cancer Council.

Cancer Council is one of the largest non-government funders of cancer research in Australia. We conduct and fund research studies across all cancers and all stages of the cancer journey.

Thanks to the community funds raised such as Shitbox Rally we can fund world-class research that reduces the impact of cancer for everyone.

Almost $20 million has been raised by Box Rallies to date, supporting ground-breaking projects such as:

  • A research study to develop a vaccine that protects against lymphoma cancers.
  • A research trial to standardise international guidelines on melanoma removal.
  • A research grant to revolutionise the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

These projects wouldn’t be possible without your support.